We're on a mission.

It's no secret that goals can be accomplished more efficiently and with a higher probability for success, with a plan. My mission is to help my clients -- individuals and businesses -- clarify and convert their goals into reality like an architect translates a client's vision into a set of blueprints and pictures. Once there's a plan, its much easier to determine the cost, take action and even recover when the unexpected happens.

We use a proven process that helps clarify and prioritize personal, family and business goals. We can develop a written financial road map that leverages financial strategies, tools, products, investments and advisory services to help you build the future you've envisioned.

We see success as empowering you to make wise decisions about issues that affect your financial well being so you can achieve the goals that are most important to you -- especially the ones that money cannot buy.

I hope you find this web site informative and useful. Take a few minutes to look around and come back anytime to read an article, research a topic or use one of our financial calculators. We add new resources regularly.

When you have a question about a specific idea, service or product you find on the web site, in my newsletters or in the news, don't hesitate to call. If you prefer, you can click on "Contact Us" send me a note right from this web site.

Remember, procrastination can be your goal's most formidable foe. As I always tell my clients, "If it has a dollar sign in front of it and a question mark behind it, give us a call!"